Organizational Consultant

a How the learning occurs when learning is achieved by an appropriate response is displayed after submitting a specific environmental stimulus. Cona learning associated changes in observable behavior occurs when information is received, organized, stored and located in the memory significantly. It focuses on the mental activities that lead to an answer and recognize mental planning processes, development of organizational goals and strategies. The mind filters what comes of the world to produce its own unique reality. Individuals do not transfer the knowledge of the external world into his memory, but rather build personal interpretations of the world based on individual experiences and interactions. Factoresa a influyena learning that the trainee and environmental conditions.

The dominant factor is the ordering the stimulus and its consequences within the environment. “It emphasizes the role of environmental conditions, the active participation of the learner and corrective feedback. “The thoughts, attitudes, values and beliefs influence the learning process. a Both the learner and environmental factors are essential for specific interaction and constructivism. a memory function is not taken into account memory has a dominant role in the learning process. The learner develops and interprets information in permanent form, a concept will continue to evolve with each new use, as new situations, negotiations and activities are reformulated. The memory will always be “under construction a Results a Transfer generalization. The situations which have similar characteristics allow the transfer of behavior is a function of what the information is stored in memory.

When a learner understands how to apply knowledge in different contexts, transfer has occurred then download can be provided by wrapping the person in authentic tasks in meaningful contexts anchored Epistemology: The nature of the relationship between the learner and the learning object. Objectivist and dualist. Objectivist and rationalist. subjectivism a Ontology: Nature of Realistic reality: The reality existea outside the learner. Knowledge is a faithful copy of reality. The reality is determined. Realistic: The real world is external to the individual. The goal of instruction is to represent the structure of the world within the learner.

Relativistic: Reality exists in the multiple mental constructions that the subject does. Methodology: How the apprentice goes to meet the learning object. Experimental and manipulative. Observable behavior. Stimulus a “Stimulus-response organization and response. The goal of mediation is to represent the structure of the world within the learner. The subject is in constant interaction with the learning object, which interpretation, hermeneutics, and dialectical. a The learner is encouraged to construct their own understanding and then validate, through social negotiations, these new perspectives.

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