Online Games

At this stage of social development such inventions as the Internet and your computer is deeply in our lives. Credit: Jeff Gennette-2011. It is rare to meet someone who nebylby familiar with these terms, on the contrary many users are actively uses these opportunities. No one is more or less serious enterprise can not do without these technological innovations. And the Internet every hour all the more intense and severe swelling the ranks of its customers. With the advent of World Wide Web have a variety of techniques rest.

Million. people around the world daily download and share all kinds of network video music files, browse websites, communicate and play in the browser game. That is about on line games and will carry on a conversation. And it all is that for quite a long time, various spices talk about this issue as dependence on online games, some even offering to equate this kind of entertainment to narcotic substances. kakby surprising as it may seem, but think about it really worth kprimeru, one of the most popular online game World of Warcraft brings together more than seven million officially users, stress officially because, along with the official servers have a large number of pirate.

Just think about this figure, but this is not the only popular game. To date, the number of different popular on line games every taste is impossible to count and strategies, and simulators, and Fang Games, the various economic strategies, racing games and many others. threat hides it all been innocent fun – a virtual world online games. The answer is quite simple, the threat lies in the passion that overcomes the player. Players of different age groups are addicted to the gameplay so much that some adults have to say goodbye to their jobs, and children fall behind in school and not rarely depart from prestigious universities. In addition to wasting a huge amount of time, often to the detriment of their real-life player online games yet, and they spend their funds, and in large number Islands. Cash turnover global online gaming industry has long jumped over millions of dollars. In addition to harm social life of the player and his pocket, massive online games are bad for mental and physical well-being player. Often captured by the game players to forget about such important aspects of our lives, like walking, regular food that is bad for their physical health. A striking example confirming this fact will be the case which proizshel in China. A young fan of one of the most popular online games conducted at the computer for several days – died from overwork. For your information a list of some popular Russian online games: Travian, Arena Online, Time Zero, Legend of the Dragon, Galactic Wars, the game carnage. With respect to harm caused by mental health avid users – things are not better. Members who live their lives embodiment of which is a virtual Persians gradually begin to confuse the real world with made-up. And it's no wonder why a player living world in which many difficulties when he has his own world, where his hero, with whom he identifies himself, is always in great shape, self-sufficient and has a set of virtual pals. Short break in the game only increases the attraction gamers back into the project.

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