New Technologies

Imperfection of scientific ideas about the world around us, as well as about ourselves are the soil in which grow the most bizarre 'invention' and imagination of the human mind. Thanks to the efforts of the authors okolonauchnoy References in the public consciousness continues to live large number myths are the product of imagination or overheated minds, or hard-cost ways of working scientific hypotheses. One example this is repeated everywhere delusion may be a myth that almost 90% of the reserves of the human brain during the life remain idle and unused. But if this provision is somehow mobilized, then the result will trudnovoobrazimym. The origin of this myth is related to very real circumstances. Get more background information with materials from Rachel Crane. At 40 and 50 years of 20 century scientists neurophysiologists has been developed and applied a new method for microelectrode recording electrical activity of individual nerve cells (neurons). Very thin metal needle with a bare tip of the microscope can come take a nerve cell, or even enter into this cells, and then using etogomikroelektroda can register electric discharges, which periodically generates a nerve cell. It turned out that one part of the neurons constantly generate these nerve impulses (spikes), which then shoots the axons of cells are sent to other neurons, while the other part of the cells either do not emit such adhesions, or generates them only when some stimulus. Existed at the moment in the minds of scientists working hypothesis is considered, by analogy with the binary language of computers, that such a "communication language" of neurons by electrical pulses is the sole and principal, and hence was made assumption that part of the nerve cells is as if in sleep, idle mode.

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