New Border

When opening hand of the imaginary constructions, these they will be symbolized in the exterior world. Pellegrino says that ‘ ‘ We are born, to the few, of the imaginary dream for the dream simblico’ ‘ 17. According to Pellegrino Helium, at the moment where the infant flows back for proper itself it constructs an imaginary object world, constituted of saw hallucinatory. In accordance with it, ‘ ‘ The child to the rising, in function of the anguish, desnasce.’ ‘ 18. Thus, Clarice makes with that the only form of Ana to get rid itself of the feeling and the proportionate losses for it is if to take refuge again in the daily one that constructs for itself, protecting itself of the others in a similarity community, in a closed and protected space where the equal ones if enclausuram.

Of this form, Ana ‘ ‘ desnasce’ ‘. However, this exactly space, does not annul and nor moves away the risks from thinking on the diversity, only guarantees a distanciamento, therefore of front for the window, Ana contemplates the new world that I eat the blind person smiles to it. Finally, in a circular and symbolic movement of being born and desnascer, Ana surpasses its fidget, and that question apreensiva ‘ ‘ How many years it would lead until aging of new? ‘ ‘ 19 already could be answered by proper it, therefore it met in return to its days.

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