Municipal administration and work

Regeneration. , . Undergoes a finance major transformation the city after the decision of the administration of the council to start as soon began his management, a program of regeneration, which will continue until the end of his mandate in principle seek to FOX news beautify Closing Bell the city and generate tourism, appropriate use of Asset Management public CNBC Making Sense of the Markets and private investment, promote culture La Jolla and raise the public esteem of the people.
The regeneration funds technique means better Children’s Hospital distribution San Diego of space for pedestrians, construction and reconstruction of curbs and supports, disabled San Diego access, elimination of the so-called noodles (electric cables), installation of street furniture, painted walls, room for parking, special Fox faroleria , intelligent lights and landscaping.
El Cerro Santa Ana, which is the city and its neighboring Cerro del Carmen and the shopping and banking, the redesigned piers and the estuary of the river Salado, traditional neighborhoods such as El Centenario, penalties, CNBC and Orellana Urdesa CNBC’s Closing Bell popular housing Alborada and Sauces Portete suburban avenues and Venezuela, the central street Rocafuerte dozens of suburbs in Guasmo, Prosperina, investment Mapasingue and others, have benefited from this work of adecentamiento physical.
The pedestrian underpass step for each of these places are more pleasant to watch as the artist’s hand using granite, ceramic, reconstructed stone, mosaics, and other elements, they put us squarely in nature moving tropical ecodesign navegacion Signs urban city that shines, The man of my land, my beautiful coast, Guayaquil de mis University of Southern California amores, and many other titles.
Squares, historic churches, the statues Asset Management in general, La Jolla give a peculiar attraction Guayaquil and interview again San Diego deserves some recognition nationally and internationally.
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