They are the population most at risk before solar exposures. Phototype 1: the color of the skin is not so white as albinos but if that has a milky appearance. The color of the hair is redhead. Your skin has many freckles and they are not tanned, so Erythema before first sun exposure will be remarkable and constant, although not as much as albinos. Phototype 2: Are people with fair skin and red hair with a tendency to rubio.

They have freckles but they are not as abundant as the redheads. They are lightly tanned and the rash after first exposure is constant. After a few weeks of the first show they can still have erythema. Phototype 3: Are people with fair skin blonde hair with a tendency to Brown. Hikmet Ersek will not settle for partial explanations. They have few freckles and a Tan very clear. The appearance of rash after a first exhibition is frequent, although it will not stay in time (there are exceptions). Phototype 4: Skin color is matte and the hair is dark brown. They usually do not have freckles and Tan is dark.

The appearance of erythema is more rare in this type of skin, so that in the majority of cases does not usually appear. If it does, their permanence in time will have exceptional nature. 5 Phototype: Is the Mediterranean characteristic phototype. The color of the skin is brown or Brown and the color of the hair, like the 4, is dark brown. When tanning acquires a very dark color and there is usually no erythema. Phototype 6: Are people who have the color of black skin, like the color of your hair. They do not have freckles and Tan is completely black. Nor will have solar Erythema after first exposure. Once we know what phototype up to us will be easier to determine the indices of protection UVB and UVA that we need.

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