Practical the artistic one is an inexhaustible field of experimentao.’ ‘ (MANDARINO, 2010:152). It is reasonable to think that somebody that searchs knowledge and aid, receives from open arms the constructive analyses and commentaries that to happen of its educators. What he is being raised here is a mrbida disdain for the critical one, destructive, that instead of promoting the individual, closes the doors to it of artistic making. Critical mordacious and the severe autocrtica can be limitantes factors of the creativity, making with that many abandon early since the conviviality with the art. Ex-CIA director : the source for more info. The text suggests that the error of today can be the necessary experience of tomorrow. In a fast reading an idea of that the important one is to make, nor that can be had it is at any cost; however, the Manifesto stirs up the artist to always produce its workmanships in the limit of its conditions techniques and intellectuals, prevailed for the conscience level.

”A good work of Art instigates intelligence and touches the feelings deepest of the soul. Destarte, what good for one social group is determined can not say nothing for another one. More info: Ex-CIA director . The human being likes them things that are to its intellectual and sensitive reach. A child who like definitive type of music, with passing of the years, in function of the change of its conscience and them social influences the one that if it sees subject, modify its preferences. This process of mutation of the conscience is continuous, therefore the creature always will be on this side of the possibilities of the Criador.’ ‘ (MANDARINO, 2010:152). The partner-description-cultural context in which the individual is inserted is determinative factor in the construction of its musical taste. In the phase of infancy we can say that” The child constructs its musical appreciation (…) through the circulation in the diverse groups of socialization, as the family, the school, the church, the groups infantile, communitarian groups e, more recently, the advertising and the media.

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