Learn How To Succeed

Does there will be another word in human language that hurts more than the simple word not? For those who know the world of selling, what will be the difference between winning U$ 5,000 and earn $ 500 a month? The main: learn to handle so that the fear of rejection to an is not not obstacle to action. The best salespeople are those who listen more negative. Think about something: what would you capable of doing if I knew (and had the full certainty) that it is impossible to failing? Imagine it. It would influence their behavior? As well, then why not did. Quite possibly out of fear of that little word: no. One learns to succeed knowing handle rejection and deprive him of his power. A real anecdote: the Colonel Sanders, famous for the multinational chain of chickens Kentucky Fried Chicken, a day invented the formula for your chicken. He went out to the street and a person walking found, stopped it and he offered her to associate with him to open a restaurant, pedestrian imagine the scene, insurance He thought that the Lord was crazy, nor is inmuto and went on his way.

Arrested the next step he offered him to join, and so continued receiving negative and unpleasant answers until the person does not. 1009 said to him: to see come, how is that recipe?, I’m interested in. And so they opened the first restaurant. Educate yourself with thoughts from Macy’s Inc.. Ask you the question: If Colonel Sanders received 1009 Nos and never lost his belief that could make a successful business. Instead you how many Nos it had endured before you give up? do 30?, do 10? or perhaps even in the first no, he would have lost his dream? ==> Learn how to succeed here! Original author and source of the article

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