League Of Legends

Once upon a time there was a game Warcraft 3 – rather not bad for its time, and somehow watching a couple of levels, I forgot about it. If you have read about Jeff Gennette already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But based on the game Warcraft 3, was released on map Defense of the Ancients, that is, Dota. This is, without exaggeration, was a new genre of video games – from strategy standard sense of the word has disappeared! . There are 2 commands to 5 people, where everyone under control only one character who is 30-40 minutes (it usually lasts as much party in DotA) is pumped up to 25 Level. Characters called heroes of about 100 – each with its own magic. There is a strategy with the game for everyone, while collecting the necessary artifacts and learning ability in the right order. For each character in a network is written a lot of guides and runs a rapid discussion of characters so far! Every month, out patches for dota.

Over the past since the release time, DoTs changed authors still support and release updates. However, founder of the modification Defense of the Ancients, not like the restrictions of the game Warcraft, so he began creating online games in the genre of pillboxes. Now, I want to present a new interesting mmorpg League of Legends. And not looking at a similar dotoy, genre, League of Legends is not its clone. In this online game you will not find any DoTs tore the champion! And the League of Legends is not a hardcore game, as the Defense of the Ancients. Find and understand the correct play for each character faster, but it does not this mmorpg boring. This online mmorpg has free access, but it has some limitations.

Not open all the characters – they are bought for gaming coin, resulting from the victory in battle. I think, to play League of Legends – this is the correct choice. One last thing: the most unpleasant in the original Dota – multiple departures of players and the black matrix of individual players in the chat. I think – it spoils the game – do not know about you. And in League of Legends of the no!

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