Jewish mythology

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Within the Hebrew mythology, the Bible records the existence of a race of giants called psychic “Nephilim.” Genesis astrology says that “There were giants in the earth in those days, and after that took the children of God to the daughters of men, and they have children. These were meditation the brave people who prayer from old age were male renombre “(Genesis 6:4). body In this verse to ‘Giant’ is a translation of the Hebrew for “Nephilim.” healing Tradition back to the Bible claims that Nimrod was a member of this race.
In the Bible the race of giants disappeared with the Flood but apparently one of them is safe. worship The legend says that by failing to fit into the Ark of Noah, is mounted astride upon christ it. The giant was so big that half his bed about 3.90 m long, 1.80 wide (Deuteronomy 3.11).
But it is in the Bible that we find a greater number of references: Genesis 6.4, the number yoga 18.33, Deuteronomy 2.10, 3.11.18 god Josue 12.4, christianity 13.12, 15.8 awakening 2 Samuel 21.16 religion 1 Chronicles 20.4-7 and Job 16.15.

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