Economic Country Germany

Germany on the Rise! The economy is seen for years. This trend will continue in the coming years. However, the upturn in the retail and private consumers has not yet arrived. As usual, it is understood that the retail boom of mitbekommt not very much. According to economic experts and surveys, but this will change over the next few months, and then private consumption will increase dramatically. Amazingly, however, makes the current behavior of private consumers in consumer behavior. Consumed be bought and mostly high-quality items from the high price segment, or very cheap items. It seems as though the median Preisegment completely ignored. This phenomenon can be observed in all sectors. Particularly serious, it remembers the furniture and furnishing industry. Thus, ZBS. Fully equipped kitchens sold at a price of less than 2000 €, or fitted kitchens of prices over 10000 €. The middle price structure around 5000 € is not asked at this time. A similar situation complained of waterbedsDealers. Here be ordered either through so-called cheap waterbeds auction platforms to 350 € from the consumer, or purchase water beds in stores for about € 2000. Again, the median price structure seems currently not required to be. If this reason could be that as vorrausgesagt years ago, the middle class in Germany is no longer available? Anyway, you can only hope for the future, which strikes through the boom continues, the middle-income buyers also back at the till.

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