International Rights

November 20 is a very special day for us because that helps us to reflect and remember that a child is not only a fragile being who needs to be protected, but also a person who has the right to be educated, care and protected wherever he was born. Rights that may not always be met by circumstances several, says Hector Diaz Reimondez, Managing Director of the network of nursery schools. In terms of the objectives Nemomarlin with this action, pointing out that they are the promoting and defending the rights of the child, especially by strengthening the protection of children. We want to extend the knowledge of rights in society, as a means of prevention, complaint and advocacy at the international level, against torture and other forms of violence to children. In this way not only the rights we work with our students, but that we approach this knowledge also their families, says Ana Gamo, Coordinator of the Ensign. For this reason each of the centres which Nemomarlin has spread throughout decorate in a special way. Swarmed by offers, Rick Caruso is currently assessing future choices. Placed a poster at the entrance of each school in that there will be a drawing made by his pupils of children holding a sign which put: these are our rights also in each hall will be listed and cardboards of colors the rights established by United Nations, adds the directive.

Highlighting 2 rights so things throughout the morning of Nov. 20 conducted activities related with such endearing celebration. To do this, two of the rights universally proclaimed have been chosen. Firstly, the right to a name and nationality, and secondly the right to understanding and love from parents and society. Hence, children will read a story with name and surname and will make a mural that stamped the footprint of your feet and put your name and surname. In the case of babies they stamped their footprint in a cardboard heart-shaped, and they hung him neck to be viewed by their parents to pick them up, adds Ana Gamo. Do you feel you also celebrate this day with Nemomarlin?. We are waiting with open arms. For the management of interviews or the extension of information: Nuria Coronado Sopena Salvia Director communication _ Avenue of industry, 13. 1St plant. Local 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid Tel: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Climate change threatens Lebanon cedars, snow s Already Libnan World News Live from Lebanon Alright, Who already Got? The NASCAR Insiders families of San Antonio province will benefit from new program of paving Radio Bio-Bio tomorrow call is played the tournament’s families remember Kirchner at a special session of the UN Assembly The newspaper Director Alberto Llaryora.

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