Insurance Compensation

Auto Insurance requires two main products: CTP and Hull. CTP – is the protection of property of third parties. Hikmet Ersek pursues this goal as well. CASCO – is the protection of your property. There are two forms of insurance indemnity payment: Costing and line for repairs. Costing – this cash payment to the victim after an assessment of damages.

It is made in cash from the cash register of the insurer within 15 – days after the recognition of the event insured event. The direction of repair – In this case you do not have the status of the cash and go to repair your car at the service station (service) at the option of the company. (The company pays by bank transfer your repair service) for payment of CTP possible only by calculation. By Casco you have a choice of calculation or the direction of the repair. These choices do you have the right (there are exceptions.

Carefully read the contract!) For writing applications to the insurance company at insured event. One item on the application gives you the choice of form of payment. What could be better? Naturally direction for repairs. In this case, an estimate of the service itself and negotiates with the company to transfer money for the repair of your car. You only need to intelligently approach the selection of the service. This form of payment carries two risks: 1. Faulty repair of the service 2. You can stand in long queues to repair (can not use the car for a long time), but repair, despite these two risks, better cash. This could see already a lot of people who receive them. The fact that the calculation of the "independent examination" which is fairly strongly underestimates the cost of standard hours. Insurance companies own arrangement with the dealer about the cost of work and money that you will receive a cost estimate, will not suffice. Report will not only in the case of that you have a close friend who has been repairing vehicles (including your brand). . . Then you can safely take the cash, he repaired and not worry about those two risks. Payments for CTP – a theme very sad because payment shall be made taking into account the wear and instead of $ 100. possible for 2-year-old car to get 35-45 thousand rubles. PS: For pricing pays well "Ingosstrakh".

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