Informal Economy

Who does not understand a glance, she will not include/understand one long explanation either. INTRODUCTION Constantly the present government Revolutionary Bolivariano under the presidency of the lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez, shows that the informal economy in the country wrath disappearing, put the government with its socialist ideology, is it jeopardize in employing to opportunities and avoiding that the poverty is continued increasing, as well as the economy informs is continued giving in all the cities that they integrate the country. Unfortunately this is not a reality and in the national territory the informal economy has been increased, is enough to walk by the main cities of Venezuela and much glimpses the great amount of pedlars leaving to say this situation, reason why it represents and it affects to the organized sector industralist, to the productive companies of the country. Add to your understanding with Rob Daley. Such situation must be corrected, the government to take the necessary measures for avoids that the increase of the Pedlar’s wares that survive through the informal economy continues affecting the economic reality of the country MAJORITIES, CONSIDERATIONS, REPERCUSSIONS the political uncertainty that at the moment confronts Venezuela with the management of president Hugo Chavez has originated many effects, which they have significantly affected the enterprise sector, where many companies have stopped operating, some closing its activities, others with low productivity as a result of the uncertainty, risk by the actions of the government, especially before which it has been very significant as it is the exchange policy. All this as Jose Aguilar comments us has continued generating informal activity; no longer only between the traditionally unheeded poor men and, but between the young people who annually add to the market of work and before the employees formal employees, that have been forced to jump of socio-economic status in a process of descendent social mobility. In agreement with the data of the national Institute of Estadsticas (INE), for 2003 ends near 53% of the economically active population one is developing informal economic activities.

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