Ground Breathing

Repeat several times that breathing slowly and deeply. No hurry, do not forget that the rapid and deep breathing can cause hyperventilation so calm. Western Union Company understands that this is vital information. Continue with the breathing rate for a few minutes while you close your eyes and visualize calm. If you can picture yourself with courage to face the feared situation. As you acquire skill will be easy practice this exercise in almost any situation or on public transport, while the queue waiting for treatment or even in the office. It's a matter of focusing on the breath and be calm. In the morning when you wake up and you become aware of your breathing while you feel your bare feet on the ground, air intakes as you lift arms and low when you breathe out gently.

You can practice a few breaths with the window open so that notes the fresh air entering your lungs as you repeat reassurances. Another way to implement relaxation based on the breath is lie down on a blanket or soft rug. The entire spine should be in contact with the ground so I recommend you bend your knees to support the entire sole of the foot on the ground to encourage contacts back. In this position takes a breath while you raise your arms in front of you pointing to the ceiling, then lower as you exhale. Remember that this relaxation technique is based on the input and air exhaust and breathing movements, as you reassurances repitiendote suggestions. When muscle relaxation we face a situation that causes anxiety, we tend to seize our muscles, to feel tense.

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