Granular Production

Accordingly, the market for this product is greatly extended. Percentage of total volume in the cortex of the feedstock should not exceed 5%. – Granular diameter of the first class – 6-8 mm Calorific value – 16.9 MJ / kg, 4.7 kW / h of ash content – 600 kg/m3 the production of granules of the first class excludes the use of binders, as well as the bark. The price for them is in the range 90-125 Euro / tonne – Industrial pellet diameter – 08/10/12 Calorific mm – 15.1 MJ / kg, 4.2 kW / h of ash content -> 1.5% the density of the embankment -> 500 kg/m3 the production of industrial pellets may be a small amount of crust. These pellets are used in large or medium-sized heat installations. The price for them is in the range of 75-100 euros / tonne of feedstock.

Waste wood processing industries, wood nizkotovarnaya, balance, etc. Creation of an enterprise poproizvodstvu pellets makes sense, if ever there is enough waste. If you have read about Hikmet Ersek already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Therefore, production line of wood pellets will pay off in production, which uses no less than 4 tons / hour of raw wood and the output is, respectively, 2 t / h of waste. Ideal option is a combination of saw mills and production lines for manufacture of pellets. Elementary reflection: the sales price edged timber – about $ 100 per cubic meter. This price includes the price of the material, who did not go into production (podgorbylnaya board, slab, wood chips, sawdust).

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