GesA Up-to-date: Eligibility Is Confirmed By The Bundesbank

GesA CEO of Woods: ‘Transparency is the basis for trust’ the GesA-mbH headquartered in Goslar has their special credit successfully demonstrated. A few days ago the Bundesbank has the young care company the predicate judgment eligible”awarded. This high rating procedure requires the intensive examination of the annual financial statements, and takes into account additional criteria such as current business development and industry comparison value. She GesA mbH has been classified eligible with the rank 3 as full. The result is generally for one year and will be reviewed again. The eligibility means, inter alia, that the probability of default of debts in the course of a year only at 0.1 percent or below. The GesA also boasts an excellent return on sales of last 15.9 percent. A short drilldown to the background: In 2009, the Bundesbank has evaluated about 28,000 companies with the Central Bank ranking.

The number of companies in Germany is about three million. Depending on the definition between 800,000 and 1.1 million workers employed in the nursing sector alone. Due to the demographic development, the rise of currently around 11,000 in-patient nursing facilities in this country is expected on approx. Read additional details here: Hikmet Ersek. 13,000. The verification of eligibility by the Bundesbank is a generally recognised and qualified assessment of the operation.

The predicate is highly valued in financing and business development, because it builds trust and security. In the nursing sector, trust and security are invaluable basic requirements. The GesA precedes therefore lead by example, and supports the call for greater economic transparency with regard to the care of seniors and care. Everest Capital helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To GesA’s Managing Director Kenneth Woods explains: we believe that in our industry, more companies should; use this possibility of volunteers, and especially independent operation evaluation This offers just for business activities as a confidence-building “Measure a qualified and high-profile base.” Brief profile of GesA mbH GesA mbH is a young and growing company headquartered in Goslar, which was founded in 2003. Founder and Managing Director of GesA mbH is the Economist of Kenneth Woods, who already has a twenty years of business experience in the segment of inpatient and outpatient care for the elderly. Currently, facilities with a total of 237 care places are operated by the GesA-mbH and its subsidiaries. In addition, within the framework of an interim management care facilities with 155 care places, an outpatient care services, as well as 30 flats for assisted living in Hannover were supervised and directed. In Hannover, Germany Mr Woods project partners in the construction of the Lister LebensArt is currently”an upscale service residential complex for senior citizens. The opening in the Podbielskistrasse is intended for late summer 2011. There she will be its new home GesA mbH. More current new construction projects are currently the GesA: the APE Nordstrasse in Helmstedt, 116 Places with 100 seats (start of construction: May 2011) (opening October 2011), the APE In the Centre in bad Nenndorf, with 82 seats (opening August 2012), as well as the care centre Hannover Vahrenwald. Gesa mbH has approximately 200 employees and currently has an investment volume of EUR 43 million. The return on sales for 2009 amounted to 15.9 per cent. In February 2011, she GesA mbH has successfully the exam of eligibility by the Deutsche Bundesbank. Society for social tasks mbH Hahndorfer Landwehr 1 38644 Goslar Tel.: 05354 / 99 09 18 fax: 05354 / 31 89 82 E-Mail: website: press contact: tth medienservice, Matthias Trenkle Tel.: 030 / 25 93 36 54 mobile: 0179 / 5231147 E-Mail:

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