Geographic Coordinates

Materials and Methods the city of Cuiab bes situated in the portion Center-South of the State of Mato Grosso, in the limit occidental person of the domnios of the Open pasture and next the edge east to the Pantanal Weed. It currently possesss a territorial extension of 3.224, 68 km. One meets located in the called geomorfolgica province Lowered Cuiabana. The rocks that its area composes belong, in its bigger part, to the domain of the Cuiab group. Read additional details here: Keith Yamashita. The geographic coordinates are 1510? 1550? S and 5410? W.

The 146 altitudes vary of m the 250 m (OLIVEIRA apud ROSS AND SAINTS, 1982) This are a given quantitative research and qualitative that aims at spoon of temperature in C (Celsius Degrees) through a device of mark THDL 400, these data had been collected in diverse places of the capital of Mato Grosso. We at the end of the month harvest the May data during 3 (three) days of the week, always in the same schedules, with the intention of if to determine the difference of temperature between determined local in Cuiab but in the same hourly. Beyond the temperature also we catch the Geographic Coordinates of each point, catch also a control point, the hour and the time, everything this was launched in a spread sheet for analysis. We start to collect the data in one sixth fair day 28/05/2010 to the 10:00 and cover the 8 (eight) points of collections chosen until the 10:40, these points had been chosen of strategical form, some points with many building, cars and intense movement of people and other points with little building, cars and minor flow of people, we do not choose no peripheral point very or that it does not have asphalt, all the points if locate in the center of Cuiab and surrounding places.

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