Fans Menu

Do you have a significant event in your organization? Or birthday? And maybe a stag or hen party? Of course, these festivals should be noted fun! So much so that they remember for a long time, and the most significant events ever remained in the photographs, immodestly placed in an album with an explanation of the “Best party of Vladimir.” At first glance at that, even after many years, appeared on the face of a joyful smile and floated before the eyes of all the smallest details. Implement your plans will help you a cafe-bar “Alrossa.” The hotel – two rooms. (AJ smokers and nonsmokers) Cafe can accommodate up to 40 people. There is a place not only for visitors but also for the lead with contests, and to disco. * New Year’s Dishes for corporate parties, you can choose from a special banquet menu. (The price of 2200 rubles. With the show – a program) Type: Cafe – Bar Cuisine: European, author of Chef – Chef Ideal for: Fans, Fun parties, business meetings, banquets, and friends – Corporate Celebration, Family Dinner, Nice Weekend – End, a romantic date, a secular life.

Family Dinner, Happy Hanging Around, dinner at a reasonable price. Suggestions: wine, rich cocktail menu, banquets, varied menu, food delivery in the city, discounts for regular customers. Entertainment: DVD, video, sports on big screens sputnikooe TV, Wi-Fi, every Saturday show – program (male and female striptease, belly dancing, Staged dancing, song). Music: trance, chaos, Live, On order, the background. Parking: not guarded..

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