Examples of the Use of Social Media by Companies

We comment that when a business venture to make a blog, a blog should consider more corporate social. In other words, the strategy include other existing social tools, or that value, to see what would make more sense to use. Now we have to talk about Social Media, not just blogs. At the entrance of corporate social blogs, as the case with Lenovo with their social network for athletes at the JJOO of Beijing, including some references to sites with examples of good corporate blogs, but as I insist that companies have at their disposal other social tools, Marc Cortez collects 35 examples of the use of Social Media by companies that need watching, find that best suits the needs of each and gutted to develop in-house, or for that interactive marketing agency can use them to submit proposals as a client (the example of the community of Mini Jeep in the photo is not there for something in particular, is one of the most prominent examples). Marc highlights a few, but for anyone who wants to see the complete list can be found at Mashable. This complements an earlier entry of Marc dedicated itself to the use of Social Media in the automotive sector (although more than thinking about selling, I see it as a way for a potential customer knows the brand and it can interact with him, more than a half order).

In short, as Marc points to end Cortes, who comment that there is no written rules about how to develop relations between the company and the customer does not make sense, since there must be a strategy by the company to find out what objectives have to do and how to attract attention and cooperation of the people. You should not give false steps. Since then, the 35 companies that are given as an example, that they have not done so. Something that explains and behind the model that is advocated in groundswell.

Update: In ecuaderno there is a compilation of resources and experiences on business on the net (thanks, Jose Luis).

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