Hedge Fund, Investment Funds, ZuluTrade, Collective2, forex, … through an organized stock exchange, which requires that contracts be standardized. …
These are the areas where we can detect as diversifying the workforce in the town of Matamoros in economic units and total wages. The presence of established small businesses (retail trade) as the main generator of employment in this town, to a lesser extent, manufacturing, and the inns, restaurants and catering, and hotel stays (temporary housing and services Preparation of food and beverages) and the Transport, postal and warehousing.
Units in the town that give health care are:
In Matamoros, Coahuila.
General Hospital IMSS 19 Matamoros Subzone
IMSS-Solidarity Solidarity Matamoros Rural Hospital
IMSS-Solidarity Coyote Rural Medical Unit
IMSS-Solidarity Granada Rural Medical Unit
IMSS-Solidarity Guadalupe Victoria Rural Medical Unit
IMSS-Solidarity Pur sima Rural Medical Unit
IMSS-Solidarity Rural Medical Unit Refuge
ISSSTE Matamoros family medicine unit
Teaching Clinic Peripheral Matamoros
Secretaria de Salud Integral Hospital Matamoros
Secretaria de Salud Health Center c / hospital Coyote
Secretary of Rural Health core of Light
Secretary of Rural Health core of El Pilar
Secretary of Rural Health core of Santo Nino Aguanaval
Health Department Mobile Unit Santo Nino Aguanaval
Secretaria de Salud Rural core Soliman
Department of Health core of Rural Change
Secretaria de Salud Rural Congregation core Hidalgo
‘Mexican Red Cross.
‘Policlinico’ Matamoros’
‘Specialized Medical Unit
‘Allied Consulting Chemists
‘The main supply family is the traditional market “Miguel Hidalgo” is a supplier of groceries, meats, Asset Management fruits and vegetables table complement commercial dairy products, as well as shoes, clothes, items for personal hygiene, and stationery.
‘A central supply where goods are purchased by wholesale and retail at low cost. It is located next to State Highway Matamoros’ Saltillo.
‘Shopping center’ La Rosa ‘, where there are miscellaneous items such as shoes, boneteria, pharmacies, refaccionarias, toys, furniture, Ernst tortilla, etc..
‘The shopping center “Plaza del Sol” with sweets, pastry shops, internet cafes, Asset Management photo studios and more.
‘The shopping center “Plaza Sofia’ with pizzeria, Laundry, Beauty Salon, Boutiques, etc..
‘Mercado Soriana is another department stores newly entering the town which provides the basic products at low prices.
‘In the area west of the city there is another small market supply Rueda family called Jesus Rios, plus a clothing swap and various works on weekends.
‘The growth of the city is obvious, since it has many shops of national retail chains such as:
Farmacia Guadalajara or
Pharmacy or Kleens
or Oxxo
or J. V.
or Mercado Soriana
or Banco Azteca
or Bancomer
or Family Credit
Furniture Design or Gala
or Distribuidora Rodriguez
or Luxor Shoes
Shoe or Juarez
Pharmacies or Similar
‘According to preliminary results from the Population and Housing Census 2000, conducted by the INEGI, the town has 20,071 housing tenure remains private.
‘The availability of services to households, the coverage has been improved in these recent years, the introduction of sewage, that of 2000 68.4 84.9 andalusia step (in 2005) of housing benefit from this service . Most of them have drinking water, electricity and drainage.
‘In terms of construction, the material is predominantly investments mud.
‘According to the results presented by the Count II of Population and Housing in 2005, the town has funds a total of 22,534 dwellings of which 22,194 are private and 340 are collective.
‘In recent decades in Matamoros, Coahuila, a greater number of inhabited houses, the lower average number of occupants per dwelling. Taking in 1970 to 7 persons per dwelling in 2005 and reached an average of 4.4 people per dwelling.
Have gradually increased the number of inhabited houses in recent years in our city. From 1990 to 1995 increased by 11.85 from 1995 to 2000 of 8.87 and from 2000 to 2005 of 11.74 .
On the issue of housing, one of the most important social concerns in the government is the best quality housing of their governors. One such parameter is the reduction in dwellings with dirt floor, which has declined from 2000 to 2005, a 37.7 .
The coverage of public services according to findings of the council is:
Water 95
Lighting 95
80 Drainage
Garbage collection 90
Public Safety 90
65 Pavement
Markets and Centers Abastos 60
Traces 80
In addition, the City administers the services of parks and gardens, public buildings, sports and recreational units, monuments and fountains, among others.
Is serviced by:
Until 2004, was in Matamoros with 2 telegraph office network, a terminal station and 74 Microwave offices Postal Service.
Other services include:
‘Internet’ Telex. … to perform a cover of the portfolio against market movements. … shares of Lehman Brothers in New bag …
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