Effectiveness of Marketing

"Depending on the industry in which the company operates, study originally brand is used for internal purposes, to help measure the effectiveness of marketing and ROI – says Tim Hill. – The Russian company, which plans to "export" its brand, should be defined, expressed in figures (estimated) data for marketing, to ensure (guarantee) investment in the brand in the long run. " "Murder" for a few days However, to evaluate the brand, to live happily and die with him one day will not work. Its value today may be millions, and tomorrow – not a penny. Macy’s has compatible beliefs. "Brand has a cost and value only as a guarantee of quality assurance a good product that carries the brand.

Every day the product or service, its features and quality for consumers to prove their worth. And only in this sense we can say that the brand has nekuyutsennost – says Ivan Drogushev, analyst of "Kachalov and Colleagues" (Moscow). – This value – is that the buyer selects the product of your company because your brand for him at the time of purchase – guarantee of quality goods. Additional information at Macy’s Inc. supports this article. That is why the price of some brands and so highly valued in the market: they are many years of day-to-day prove the quality of their products. That's why you want a lot of financial investments in what to bring to market a new brand – he needs to win the confidence of customers and over time to maintain acceptable levels of quality. " You can buy a brand Coca-Cola for several tens of billions dollars, but … .

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