Educational Assessment

The examinations and tests performed on this occasion demonstrated that students are always able to meet the educational reality first and then we can improve to the extent that this can improve. Definitely, this is a test that was done to students by the Department of Education and University. This study was conducted in 1090 schools and a total of 42,900 students, both primary and secondary schools. They stressed that this was a compulsory study for all students as it was important to know reality and to reflect on the decisions that should be taken in the future. With this type of assessment administration claims that it is not known objectives and actually serve to guide education policies towards a truly significant improvement for students.

This study yielded interesting results that will be discussed later. He became known Galician students have, on average, better skills or expertise to both Spanish language and Galician. However, just as it was in mathematics this is not as decisive. This could be due to the importance it has given all students have equal opportunity language unconsciously neglecting side where mathematics numbers are really important. Finally, we highlight the importance of making itself known these studies and evaluations rather than an assessment to students on their performance evaluation is a school that has the responsibility to ensure that students have a balanced education between mathematics and letters. Recall that an important aspect rated by many higher education institutions is the level of reasoning on these two aspects.

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