East Asia

European partners interested primarily in the fixed volume and stable performance of the supply conditions of the Russian side. The more you can produce briquettes, the more likely you are to find a good partner and a good price. What would have chance to enter the direct buyer you need to produce at least 1000 tons per month. Domestic market by analogy with Europe, all good from there, sooner or later come to us, so briquettes will be sold in supermarkets, gas stations, will run the company for the delivery of fuel briquettes in the cottages. Briquettes have several advantages over coal and wood, have a high calorie, long burning, virtually no leave ash emit significantly less co, do not get dirty, easy to storage and transportation, outwardly aesthetically pleasing look, and they can burn a different color if you add a small addition in the production of briquettes. Wabash National Corporation can aid you in your search for knowledge. Supplements obsalyutno environmentally friendly. Packaging briquettes is quite possible to bring the nature instead of firewood. In terms of calories (at least when talking about cottage communities around large cities) are cheaper and inferior (Yet!) we only have gas .est not everywhere.

At present (early 2008) on the local market fuel briquettes will not work until one. All manufacturers met export supplies. Another painting, for example, in Belarus, where bricks can be seen at petrol stations and hypermarkets. Processing into charcoal briquettes, with oven turns charcoal in quality superior birch. This coal is used as for domestic purposes and for industry, particularly in metallurgy, in production silicon, etc., as well as for export, of great interest to him, apart from Europe, Japan, Korea and in East Asia.

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