Since last year, it was learned that Twitter was considering entering the business of Commerce as one of the models to generate new revenue. These days he became known from different sources the first foray into the sale of products of various kinds. The company announced that with the company @EarlyBird exclusive offers, there will be products and publications events which appear in the Twitter @ EarlyBird account. People can follow that account to access the offers. The idea takes borrowed private sale sites and of limited duration, as Gilt, Groupon and Woot (which was recently acquired by Amazon.com), a recent trend in online shopping. It also takes advantage of what companies like Dell, which gives millions of dollars in sales for publishing offers on Twitter.

Bids may be in products such as the iPod or diapers, or events such as tickets for concerts or travel. In a post on a company blog, Twitter gave to understand that he could filter offers by category, such as clothing or add-ons in the future. Twitter has stressed that he wants to be selective with the promotions you offer and try to make these offers interesting and of value to Internet users. Retailers will determine the price of the items and their availability. Twitter will make money from sales. We are experimenting with different models, as a cut of each sale or a fixed price per operation, said Sean Garrett, a spokesman for Twitter.

Traders used the buyers credit card numbers for the respective transaction per product purchased. This is a different approach for electronic commerce in which retailers can offer transactions on the site on the basis of what people are looking for. A retailer of shoes for running, for example, could provide shoes to people who asked him about the best shoes for running on trails. This it may still be possible with annotations, a new service that Twitter says that it is releasing soon so that people can add so-called data about what they seek, as a way of making a purchase, in Twitter posts. The first agreement will appear soon, said Mr. Garrett. Initially it will be in all across the U.S., but Twitter is considering specific offerings to other countries later. If @EarlyBird off, Twitter could become a competitor of Groupon and many other e-Commerce sites, as well as Woot, Gilt and others.

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