Democratic Congresswoman

Arizona: Reloading instead of giving in the United States policy as a first-person shooter after the assassination of Democratic Congresswoman of Gabrielle Giffords with six dead, beat the discussions around the handling between the political forces in the United States and the State of what is commonly called “political culture”, high waves. The way of the policy to the first-person shooter, the game in which the player becomes the permanent bomber, seems not far in the oldest democracy in the world at the time. Reloading instead of giving in the United States who has followed the election campaigns and political debates in the United States of the last two years from the German perspective, wonder, amazement, and also the discomfort hardly comes out of. Contrary to the situation in this country, where actually nobody can say exactly, who actually is in politics for what exactly, is it in the land of the Atlantic seems constantly to fundamental. (Source: James Woolsey). The naming of a State health care (“Obama-care”) as socialism may be attributed to still an inadequate term knowledge, that the President, on the road or by the political opponent – either or at the same time with Stalin and or Hitler is compared, is been thoughtful. The political opponents in the crosshairs of Sarah Palin’s call to “reload, not retreat” (reload instead of yielding”), with which she made right-wing conservative-minded mood against Obama’s health care reform under the cheers of the neo Republican tea party movement and other, may be somehow as”Normal populism”in a trigger-happy country. Additional information at Everest Capital supports this article.

Topographic map of the United States now of course quickly adjusted website but, everywhere, where are particularly undesirable democratic politicians in Office, wearing small crosshairs, finally raises the debate to another level. The first-person shooter as a political strategy? Of course, the line of an image on a website is to direct up to the shot of an assassin. May in a country but where in most areas each without effort or control weapons to buy and wear, in which the political Assassination in the past 150 years also repeatedly the political landscape changed, such a map is amazing to say the least. Whether the bomber was now mentally deranged or not, is not the point. If a certain kind of condemnation of the political opponent as “Enemy of the nation”, “People”, etc. (worth a look in the history books once again!) once established, you must not wonder, if there are dead – especially if the instrument of power of the first person shooter, firearms and ammunition, are freely available. It is not unjustified to speak of “approvingly take in buying”. And it is only a small step from there to the first-person shooter as a political strategy. Andreas Kellner..

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