Dare To Be Happy !

Most if not all of us suffer from a lack of love for ourselves. Babies do not doubt their own greatness and perfection. They are not afraid to claim what they want, express their emotions freely. Aman whole body. We've all been babies and we have felt that way.

We are born knowing ourselves perfect and deserving of all good things. Then we started listening to adults around us and began to deny our own magnificence. We learn to feel with life and ourselves according to the reactions of adults around us. That is, if we lived with people unhappy, angry, scary, criticism, guilt-ridden, negative things we have learned about ourselves, about others and about life. Almost all have absurd ideas about who we are and how we live life, ideas that often limit us and we challenge our own acceptance.

Examples: I'm a perfect fool fool-in-law are unbearable costs a lot to earn money are poor conductors Women Men are some children Nobody cares Think my opinion wrong and be right Do not trust your father or no one can love me Children are a can base any problems, upset, uncomfortable feeling is always the lack of love for oneself. As is well known, no one can love another unless you love yourself first. We are very difficult to accept because we have inside those alleged defects that make it impossible to love us as we are. We demand to be perfect and if not we can not feel good.

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