Manufacturers Of Chainsaws

Tue, 01/10/2012 - 22:49

Easier and cheaper, of course, to buy a chainsaw some unknown manufacturer, and then tormented with her in search of spare parts in case of malfunction. Still, better takes on the products of companies which have already establish itself with the best hand. The most popular in the domestic market are the tools of the three manufacturers. This Partner, Stihl and Husqvarna. Purchased for personal use one of them, of course you will be able to satisfy all needs. You may want to visit Areva to increase your knowledge.

In general, nothing prevents you to pay attention to products and other manufacturers. The cheapest are the chainsaw Partner. But this is perhaps their only advantage. More popular models of Partner-350, Partner-Partner-351 and 371. The first of these has a bus length of 40 cm and a capacity of 1.4 kW. It is also the cheapest. The second option is 5 cm shorter and its power is slightly lower, but he has a system , which is much easier to work with him. The third model successfully combines all the benefits of the first 2-yl.

But you should remember that used to extinguish the springs often break down, so it makes sense for blagovremenno buy an auxiliary unit. More popular model is the Stihl chainsaw ms 180. For her price is slightly higher than tools mentioned earlier producer, but has plenty of advantages. With a relatively low weight (less than 4 kg) of its power exceeds 1.5 kW. This means that the operation of this chainsaw Kiev is much more convenient. In addition, it is very easy to open or run. Strengthened and provided with a bus directly 4 rivets, which allows a number of difficult work without fear of rapid deterioration or, worse, failure. Finally, move on to chainsaws Husqvarna. Husqvarna Model 137 has a bus length of 38 cm and a capacity of 1.6 kW, but it is somewhat heavier than the above chain saws Stihl. Husqvarna 142 is an even more powerful. If we talk about a chainsaw manufacturer more reliable (Stihl or Husqvarna), then you will find approximately equal numbers of adherents of both manufacturers of tools. Making a choice, you must remember that for each of the manufacturers of chainsaws considered to you with can easily find parts and accessories. It only remains to determine the order you want to save either all the same to get reliable and durable instrument.