Check-In Business Directories

Submit your site to directories allows you to get outside (reverse) link to your resource, thus you will receive: – acceleration of site indexing by search engines – increase the thematic index of citing – for some amount of free thematic traffic – increase in positions (an increase of relevance) of your site in search engines. Catalogs are of three types: white, black and berye. White directories place a link back to your resource without any requirements (patrons). Add to your understanding with Rob Daley. This is the best type of directory to contain your resource. For instance directory orgtips. Grey catalogs – also place a link back to your resource, but in turn require you to place them link and specify the url of the page with their link in the email or website. Continued presence of your links in these directories about 50/50, as after the addition of a site, they begin to send out reminder letters that you have not installed reciprocal links on their resource and your site will be removed within about 7 days, unless you set a reference to them and did not confirm these things move. Ignore all these threats and letters, as in the main back-links are not checked and Eventually you'll still get a positive effect on registration in the catalogs of this type.

Black directories require placing a backward link is already in the registration process by filling in forms. To directories of this type is better not to spend precious time, as the game is not worth it. Instead of developing your site you get the opposite effect, making of it linkopomoyku and thereby risk getting penalties search engines! There are two basic methods of registration in catalogs: automatic and manual. As a rule, those who promote the Internet different programs for automatic recording will tell you that the registration manually is inefficient and will require You have a lot of time. With the latest opinion difficult to accept, as one well-designed press release can generate more impact than multiple mentions of your business. The main advantage of filling information manually in the directory – is the emergence of clear communication when finding your company in the products it produces. In general, the choice is yours – to fill up the Internet and your business partners with a mention of spam your firm and get some increase in site traffic, or write a quality post that will attract loyal customers.

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