Canadian Universities

Courses for professionals, older people and companies – also with certificates just in times of rising unemployment and the difficult economic situation promotes the ability to actively and passively in the profession to use foreign languages, clearly the individual career prospects. Therefore, adults should take the opportunity to expand their knowledge of another language or to learn such a. In comprehensive English education holiday offer from StudyLingua the appropriate course is are determined, to bring foreign language knowledge on front man and to be able to act so competent in the job. Business language courses are suitable especially for companies such as individuals who specifically want to prepare on a specific assignment. These can be if necessary to be cut also tailor-made to the specific needs and lead to the desired success, thus efficiently.

The courses addressed not only to professionals, but also to older people, as for example in over 50 years, or those who are already in retirement. According to research, only 3.8% of older people deal with the acquisition of a new language. But just the acquisition of a new skill as learning a foreign language stimulates mental activity, the elderly better integrated into society and counteract the aging process therefore. Also persons of advanced age at StudyLingua will certainly find it in the comprehensive range of English programs, as well as training opportunities in many other languages. Is a proof of the conclusion of a course requires, so StudyLingua offers a range of degree courses these include well-known certificates such as the Cambridge certificates series, TOEFL for admission to American and Canadian Universities, DELF diplomas for French, Italian financial statements or the DELE diploma in Spanish. Cheap, safe and excellent advice courses booked through StudyLingua, are not more expensive than a direct account at the respective school or the course organiser. The advantage is that StudyLingua allows for direct comparisons between the courses, offers comprehensive services for the customer from a single source and saves you this tiresome search on the Internet.

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