Business Plan

The crisis situation that we live in today addresses many businesses to close. In many cases has gone from a market that sold everything and in large quantities (real estate, automobiles, appliances, etc.) to the almost total disappearance of buyers. And three quarters of the same happens in retail trade. It is time to redefine the business? In practice, it happens in many cases a company is mounted without previously defining a Business Plan, and therefore, without knowing in a timely manner nor own the company fundamentals, or market, or competition, how will be financed, as it will be promoted, which forecasts of cash flow will be, etc. Much more serious is undoubtedly business with several years of filming to continue without establishing that Business Plan and are pulling, better or worse, without know very well where they go, why they earn what they earn, why you are having fewer benefits lately (will be blame for the crisis?), or if within two years should continue with that business or not.

The guidance that the employer wants to give to your business can be a key element, especially in this time of crisis. For example, in the case of the catering trade, entrepreneurs in the sector complain has lowered consumption, but they have worsened all alike? Of course not, some have worsened a bit, others have even had to close, and however, some have improved their figures. Why do success these last? For the local situation? For customer service? Because they put some very tasty snacks for free? Because they have a relationship quality excellent price? For a pleasant atmosphere? By? These questions, which may seem trivial, are not supported. As I said earlier, the Business Plan should respond to these and other issues, and conduct a SWOT analysis (defining the strengths and weaknesses of the company, threats and opportunities), and therefore know the market and the competition.

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