Business Managers Development

In addition, other measures that we plan and we can help alleviate the crisis would include the incorporation of new products to our current portfolio, the negotiation of exclusive distribution contracts with manufacturers of industrial machinery, and the exploration of new markets, with the help of the various Chambers of Commerce and Business Managers of the various embassies, we are actively seeking to create partnerships with traders in each zone (p.ejem. in Costa Rica and Venezuela). 3. Spain is a country that has been affected by high unemployment figures. Have you been forced to reduce staff? In my case, as Free-lance worker I have not seen such an obligation as part of my business development through commercial agents, and the parts of the business such as the Post-Sale Technical Service and the logistics (storage and transportation) use the formula for Out-sourcing sub-contracting these services to third parties, professionals and specialists in these areas, thus helping to reduce and better control of operating costs 4. Tell me about your company, start date, development, products, how competitive you have faced under the trade name GO! Forklifts, my professional development as Free-lance my work focusing especially on the commercial brokerage and logistics as a consultant on projects for companies in the transport and storage. Anne Lauvergeon can provide more clarity in the matter. I started this work early in 2009 after “crossing the desert” of about three years held executive positions at several companies initially in the field of auxiliary construction machinery, and then again in the field of industrial machinery maintenance. .

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