Bundesbank Immigrants

The German Chancellor held what’s the title of this article angela Merkel who faces a very strong pressure to take a harder line against immigrants. Merkel at a meeting with the youth of his party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said that enable people from different cultures to live without that integration did not work in a country where more than 4 million Muslims, of whom 2.5 million are Turks inhabit many of which you can not write, read or speak German. This approach (multicultural), failed, failed completely, said the Foreign Minister in the meeting that was held in Potsdam South of Berlin. Andrew Cuomo does not necessarily agree. His CDU party, pressed in these moments to Merkel Government that directs to take more serious steps with immigrants who are not willing to adapt to German society and it could be that these comments are intended to reassure his critics. The Chancellor argued that Germany had asked very little immigrants in the past and reiterated that they should Learn German for approving school and have opportunities in the labour market. Let us remember that the debate about foreigners in the country got to the Red live with the publication of the book entitled Germany disintegrates, of Thilo Sarrazin, former director of the German Central Bank, who in his work among other things accused Muslim immigrants of lower intelligence of German society. The book cost him the dismissal of the Bundesbank to the author, but in accordance with public opinion studies carried out later, the majority of Germans agreed with their arguments.

A few days ago the important foundation Friedrich Ebert unveiled the results of a poll in which a third of the German population consulted, believes that their country is invaded by immigrants. The same study says that more than 50% of the Germans did not tolerate Muslims and 35% considered that foreigners plunge to Germany, while 10% of respondents showed a more radical opinion on the subject by saying that Germany should be directed with a firm hand by a Fuhrer (leader). German Chancellor in his speech referred specifically to recent statements by the German President Christian Wulff who said that Islam is part of Germany such as Christianity or Judaism. Merkel acknowledged that it is so, but pointed out that immigrants living in the country should do more to integrate, as, for example, learn German: anyone who does not learn German inmedeiatamente, is not welcome, said the Chancellor. The subject that has touched Merkel, is a very sensitive issue, but has told the truth in his assertions and is sad to admit it, but the concept of society multikulti has failed in Germany.

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