Ambient Justice

Thus, we can affirm that Brazilian oambientalismo has one tries of renewal and can expand its alcancesocial to if solidarizar with kept out of society populations that if mobilize emfavor of its rights. Syndical, social and popular, entreoutros the movements, can renew and also extend the reach of its fight if to incorporate adimenso of ambient justice, therefore the right to a worthy life and ambientesaudvel, must be the objective, and, therefore, the fight of all. 4. PRACTICAL PRINCIPLES AND OF the JUSTIAAMBIENTAL Ambient Justice, in all ospases they adopt that it, foresees a set of practical principles and that they assure: ) that no social, either eletnico, racial group or of classroom, has supported a disproportionate parcel negative ambient dasconseqncias of economic operations, depolticas decisions and federal, state, local programs, as well as of the absence ouomisso of such politics; b) the equitable, direct and just indirect access and, to the environmental resources of the country; c) the ample access to the informaesrelevantes on the use of the environmental resources and the destination of rejeitos elocalizao of sources of ambient risks, as well as eparticipativos democratic processes in the definition of politics, plans, programs and projects that lhesdizem respect; d) the aiding of constituiode collective citizens of rights, social movements and organizations popularespara to be protagonists in the construction of alternative models dedesenvolvimento, that assure the democratization of the access to the recursosambientais and the support of its use. FINAL CONSIDERAES Considering that the DireitoAmbiental still is little complained in Brazil, which had to the low power of decision emobilizao of the affected groups, ambient justice complain the necessriacriao of joints that have for objective to promote action of denunciations, to elaborate action strategies enter the multiple actors of ambient fights to erealizar a work of research, spreading and pressure politics in the direction to deinserir in the public agenda a perspective of ambient preservation that starts to aser also thought about terms of distribution and justice. .

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