Additional information Fabiola

Additional information Fabiola Zuluaga began playing tennis at age 7 in C cuta, where the process beginning with the teacher licensed tennis ELIZABETH BARBOSA, then start the process on the court with professor EDGAR MU OZ. At 9 years and six months after the transfer of Professor MU OZ Cucuta city, continuing the process with the professor tennis CIRO DUARTE making such important titles as: NATIONAL CHAMPION 12, NATIONAL CHAMPION 14, SOUTH 14 years 5th place, SOUTH 14 years 1st place, CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT login in the city of Cali, CHAMPION OPEN TOURNAMENTS OTHER PROFESSIONALS. Alos 14c years old leaves the city of Cucuta for integrating the computer Colsanitas. He decided to sacrifice everything to fulfill his decision to become a professional tennis player (make tennis his career and his job for life) and moved to Bogot to work 12 hours a day around the courts at the Academia Colombiana Tennis in Bogota.Later, at age 14, a contract with a U.S. company called International Management Group, gave him the opportunity to go to America for the best world tennis academy: the Nick Bolletieri. There he began training and studying, but after a year started as she says, to undervalue his talent and left it as just one of hundreds of players, until Colsanitas, which in 1995 was forming a Tennis Team (Team Colsanitas) , called her to come to Colombia and received the attention it deserved its capabilities. Since 1995 Fabiola Zuluaga Colsanitas is part of Team, a group in which they are the best tennis players of Colombia.The Tennis Team Fabiola Colsanitas the full backing of their training, physical preparation and technique, medical monitoring, nutritional, psychological and financial support in areas ranging from the purchase of each glass you drink in their training, to travel costs, hotels, travel, a program designed for her to just worry about coaching and playing tennis. Like all players-Team has domestic and foreign coaches, tranquility for all trips is required to make and support to have brought forward their high school in a semi.

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