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Dynamics of Management Science

The past has fled, what you are away, but this is yours. Arabian Proverb The dynamics of management science is triggered each time in the current business scenario, where firms compete by offering their best products and services and administrative tools guaranteed optimal addition of trachea consistent strategic planning involving all the features required of management can guarantee success in business. There are many changes, challenges, threats and opportunities arising from competition, the performance of the companies involved scenarios where all of which have significantly impacted the need to give way to new knowledge, management science paradigm can not be ignored, as the case that concerns us readministration.

Today with the operation of Lhasa, according to companies and their products, target markets, mission, have been prepared so as to take into account the scope, impact of each of its components, human resources, technical, financial, in order to give way to tools that will encourage us remember Martha C. M Anez Anez Maria Burgos and Burgos in a changing and competitive environment, adaptability and use of the best opportunities from companies and institutions, streamlining its activities and increased productivity resulting from the capacity their employees and their performance a cooperativa.a Not surprisingly tells us that before this scene, established a new conception of the direction of people who value creativity, innovation and flexibility, teamwork, the quality of care to users, self-assessment and subsequent continuous improvement, lifelong learning and a taste for work well done, from the conviction that all this will result in the quality of the product or service provided by the organization.

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