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Prognosis of the economy of Panama in 2009

In mid-April 2009, the Comptroller General of Children’s Hospital the Republic of Panamapublico the evolution of economic indicators to February of this year, showing a decrease of the key activities of the economy of Panama. Indicators showed the hedge funds contraction of the Panama Canal, ports, youtube Zona Libre de Colon, banking, building permits and residential tourism. Moreover, the local Web site Insightpronostica San La Jolla Diego Economy Closing Bell funds Panama’s economy will contract in Panama -0.8 in 2009, having grown 11.5 and 9.2 in the years 2007 and 2008. It was hoped that the international financial crisis affecting the economy of Panama in this way, since it is one of the most globalized in the region.
However, for the following years Panama Economy Insight is an FOX news optimistic interview future, predicts that finance Panama’s economy recovered quickly after this abrupt slowdown, with growth of 9.5 La Jolla and 9.8 in the years 2010 and 2011 University of Southern California investment management respectively, driven in part for expanding the Panama Canal San Diego and the recovery of the economy of the United States and Latin America.
The biggest concern right now, according to this website, is the increase San Diego in unemployment, which would amount to a rate of 5.6 in La Jolla August 2008 to 8.8 in August 2009. Ernst The supply of credit has contracted, which will increase the interest rate of 8.6 in 2008 to 10.5 in 2009, which, together with other restrictions crediciticas, will end the boom finance CNBC’s Closing Bell that had been experiencing consumption and private investment in recent years, says the Web site Panama San Diego Economy Insight. He also pointed out Ernst that the lower prices of oil Asset Management and investment the economic downturn will lead an annual average inflation of 2.9 , however, this would amount to a significant degree in the youtube following years as a result of a future increase in investment management oil prices. The site also emphasizes that the government drafts the budget for the year 2009 based on an economic growth of 7 , but this will be -0.8 of the then non-financial public sector (NFPS) experienced a deficit of 2.8 . Predicts that total public debt as a percentage of GDP increased from 45 in 2008 San Diego to 53.3 Fox in 2009 as a result of the deficit experienced by the investment NFPS, as well as due to CNBC’s Closing Bell increased debt of a program to counter the drop in supply credit, called a “financial incentive program” (PEF).
Moreover, The Economist in 2009 predicted Fox an economic contraction of -1.3 in Panama, which is lower than Closing Bell the forecast was published. JP Morgantiene forecast a positive but still rather low, being only 1.5 . The International Monetary Fund, unwanted Delloite and Standard FOX news and Poor have a positive and Asset Management moderate forecast of 3 Asset Management , 3.2 , 3.5 and CNBC 3.5 respectively. The Economic La Jolla Commission for Latin America remains very optimistic and predicted to grow 4 Panama.
( Of annual change of GDP)

Interactive Investor hedge funds
LONDON, May 19 (Reuters) – British consumer inflation fell University of Southern California more than expected in April to asset management its lowest level in more than a year in April as the cost of food and decreased energy bills, official data interview showed on Tuesday. That asset management Asset Management remains the official CPI rate above Children’s Hospital 2 percent target, but the makers expect further sharp declines and
After remaining CNBC stable in funds March, the annual inflation slipped down in April, shedding 1.5 percentage points.
Reuters via Yahoo! UK

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Khaleej Times
JERUSALEM – Two Israeli soldiers and a Palestinian policeman were wounded in an exchange of gunfire in the occupied West Bank on Thursday Israels military said.
Party People’s Daily
The United States has said it will provide the full funding for the development and production of 3 Israel Arrow anti-missile system, local daily The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday. Under defense officials, the report said the U.S. decision was revealed during an annual meeting of the strategic dialogue that Israeli Defense Ministry Director-General Pinchas Buhris done so …
AFP via Yahoo! Canada News
Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel has received assurances from Washington about the U.S. support for the continuation of Israel Arrow anti-missile system, the Internet news site Ynet reported Wednesday.
The Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News
The Middle East was abuzz in anticipation of the peace plan of the U.S. president Barack Obama is expected to unveil in Cairo next Monday Some can not wait to hear official details have won what they claim is an example, today reported in Israeli newspapers and the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi.
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